#167 | June Q&A: A Small Pelvis, Plugged Ducts, Vaginal Exams, ECVs, Libido Woes, Castor Oil, Cord Prolapse & Painful Sex, Plus Bonus Content

June 29, 2022

Hello! This month's Q &A begins with a story from one of our Instagram followers on the pressure to have a vaginal exam to document cervical status so that her doctor can schedule an induction that she didn't need or want. Next, we jump into our questions starting with, "I have a narrow pelvis and grow big babies; what can I do stretch my pelvis for birth?" What can be done about plugged ducts and "Is my haaka helpful or hurtful?" Do I have to be on my back for a cervical exam?  What are the risks of external cephalic version for breech babies? Is it normal to have no libido at four months postpartum?  Should I use castor oil to induce labor? What is actually necessary for baby care; do we really need all the things? Why is cord prolapse dangerous? And finally, why is postpartum sex so painful?

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Oral Vitamin K for babies, placental encapsulation, bad breastfeeding advice from pediatricians,  what to do about prodromal labor, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, and how to process a birth that did not go as planned.

Thank you as always for your wonderful questions and see you next week!

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